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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story just hit movie theaters around the world. And it seems to be another success of the Star Wars franchise, even if it started off not quite as well as last year’s The Force Awakens. But Rogue One is not just present in theaters around the globe. Already before the movie launched several Rogue One merchandise products hit the market.

Merchandise for adults

Around previous movies merchandise for Star Wars was mainly targeted towards kids and focused mainly on toys. With Rogue One Disney now took a new approach. It did not completely give up on licensing Star Wars action figures. It’s main attention went towards adult brands though. Among them where Gillette, Verizon and Nissan, which even brought a Rogue One SUV to the market just in time for the launch.

Strong community identity

Star Wars has the huge advantage of having a huge community of life-long fans which are not only going to watch the movies but are also very likely to purchase products around the franchise. This was most likely one of the main reasons why Disney decided to buy all the rights for Star Wars off George Lucas by acquiring Lucas Arts. And it seems to have paid off. No wonder Disney is planning more Star Wars stand alone movies. The company already announced another spin-off around Han Solo.

VR Experience Rogue One: Recon

But for now the focus is on Rogue One. And here Disney also did not want to miss out on using VR to create some more buzz. In Singapore and at London Gatwick airport it showcased its Rogue One VR Experience called Recon. In a short video the viewer dives into the Star Wars universe as an X-Wing pilot. The company also made Rogue One: Recon available on for free though. So head over there and give it a try. And if you have the chance use a VR headset to try it out.

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