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After the debacle with Samsung’s fire-prone Galaxy Note 7, the company puts its hopes into its new and redesigned Galaxy S8. The new flagship of the South Korean company has not been launched yet. And it looks like customers will still have to wait for it a little longer than expected. But is it worth the wait? Let’s look at what we know so far.

Curved screen by default – and more

First of all, the S8 will come in two variations. There will be both the regular Galaxy S8 and a slightly bigger Galaxy S8 Plus. To awe the audience, Samsung now makes its dual-curved screens standard in all S8 phones. This makes Samsung’s Edge line obsolete and gives its flagship a true uniqueness – well, literally an edge – over the competition. And there are a few more rumors about the screen out there. It seems like Samsung will be able to fit a 5.8-inch display into the S8 and a 6.2-inch screen on the S8 Plus. Furthermore, several sources suggest that the S8’s face might actually be 85 percent or 90 percent screen. That’s quite impressive.

Three cameras and no home button

With the S8 Samsung will probably say goodbye to the home button. The phone will most likely unlock with a fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. Some other rumors around the phone’s specs say it will come with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip. And just like the iPhone 7 Plus, LG V20 and Huawei P9, the Samsung phones will most likely come with three cameras. One on the front and two on the back.

Samsung’s Siri is called Bixby

And there is more to the S8. Samsung did not only focus on the hardware but also gives the phones a cool software feature. It appears as if the Galaxys will get their own Siri. Samsung’s own AI assistant is called Bixby is expected to handle payments, control native apps, identify object and text through the camera app, feature its own launch button (on the phone’s right side) and to launch in seven or eight languages.

Rollout delay and hefty price tag

But which of those rumors are actually true? We will find out in a few days on March 29. Samsung has now officially confirmed this to be the launch date of its two Galaxy S8 phones. Until fans can hold them in their hands they will still have to wait a little bit longer. The phones will only roll out on April 28 (one week later than expected). Also, it will most likely come with a hefty price tag. Retailers said that the Galaxy S8 will cost £799 and the larger Galaxy S8+ will cost £899.

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