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Samsung finally launched its long-awaited Galaxy S8. Apart from functioning as a normal smartphone, the S8 is also the cornerstone of the Gear VR platform. And thanks to Samsung’s partnership with Oculus, the platform has gotten some tremendous improvements.

New Gear VR version

Just in time when the new Samsung devices roll out on April 21, a Gear VR headset version will ship as well. What is special about the new edition is that it comes with a wireless handheld controller that is powered by a pair of AAA batteries and equipped with motion sensors, a touchpad, and a trigger button. Headset and controller together will be sold for $130.

Better VR experience overall

Apart from the improved hardware, Oculus announced other major improvements to the overall experience. According to the Facebook daughter, the upgraded landing page will now be much faster to load various VR apps. Also, Oculus put a lot of effort into the homescreen’s visuals. The company claims the difference would be “like upgrading from Standard Definition to High Definition.”

New browser

Furthermore, Oculus launched a native web browser for Gear VR. “Using the keyboard, navigate to your favorite sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube just like you would on a desktop. The browser brings 2D and most 360 video content right into Oculus Home, with all the benefits of our newly built experience.”, the company explained.

More titles

The two companies announced that at the launch date, 20 VR titles with dedicated support for the new motion controller will be available. After that, 50 additional titles are planned to launch during the next months.

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