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Nintendo pushed hard onto the mobile market. After the release of Super Mario Run the company now focuses on Fire Emblem. And with its next release around the franchise, Nintendo seems to follow a slightly different strategy than before.

Android first

Instead of making it available for iOS first as Nintendo did with its Super Mario release, Fire Emblem Heroes will come to Android first. The game is announced to be published on February 2 on the platform. An iOS release will be available sometime later in 2017. The rather vague time span shows that iOS is not their priority. At least for this type of game.

Characters from the last 27 years

Fire Emblem Heroes is going to be a tactical strategy game. The game is based on the Fire Emblem strategy gameplay, which is already pretty mobile-friendly. Now the developers took the next step by bringing the game to mobile devices. With only a limited number of soldiers, players have to defeat their rival’s army. The new game has a nice nostalgic aspect to it, though.  Players can summon their soldiers of characters from across the series’ previous games.

Pre-registration is open already

It was not a surprise that a Fire Emblem would be among the next mobile games Nintendo would work on. Along with an Animal Crossing mobile game, they were the next two projects Nintendo had lined up. However, the company now revealed the full game in a special Nintendo Direct video. Also, users can already pre-register for their copy of Fire Emblem Heroes in the Google Play Store.


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