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The temptation to make a successful into a game is huge. Usually, networks and producers team up with game developers for that reason. Netflix chose a different path, though. Instead of licensing their shows to a game studio they went ahead and developed a game themselves.

Retro 8-bit optics

The browser-based game is quite different from modern UI. It is held in a retro 8-bit look. Just like its good old predecessors from the 80s and 90s. Looks like Netflix created the game as an homage to those days when any mildly successful TV show or movie was quickly spun off into a video game franchise, for better or worse.

Free for anyone to play

The video streaming platform does not seem to follow any commercial plans with the release. The game is available for free and does not include any in-app purchases either (link to game). It rather seems to be a form of creative content marketing.

Featuring well-known Netflix show characters

Users can choose to play as Pablo Escobar (Narcos), Marco Polo (Marco Polo), Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black), or Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things). Based on the selection the level and look of the game change. The gameplay is fairly simple. The characters run automatically. All you have to do is press the space bar at the right time to jump and avoid obstacles.

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