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Today 20th Century Fox launches “The Martian VR Experience”. It is a virtual-reality simulation that puts users inside a spacesuit on a mission to Mars.

Feel like Matt Damon

The simulation allows users to experience the adventure of Mark Watney, Matt Damon’s character in the 2015 movie “The Martian”. With the new VR app you will be flying onto the surface of Mars, steer at zero gravity through space and play around with Mars-grown potatoes.

Are consumers willing to pay for VR?

But “The Martian VR Experience” is more than just another app. It is the first serious test if consumers are willing to pay for a pure VR experience that is not a game. Users will have to decide if they are willing to pay $19.99 for an extensive yet not gamified VR experience. At the same time it might open new opportunities for Hollywood and the movie industry. If Fox succeeds this might be just the beginning and movies could in the future more often be accompanied by VP apps like this.

Developed with Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott, director of “The Martian”, was also heavily involved in the creation of the app as executive producer. “I’ve always tried to approach filmmaking from the standpoint of creating an immersive experience. Now with the tools that are available to us in virtual reality, we can raise the bar even higher. The audience can experience storytelling in ways we previously could only imagine,” Scott said to Mashable.

Starting today “The Martian VR Experience” will be available both for PlayStation VR and HTC Vive. To get a first taste of the release check out the 360 teaser video.


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