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VR has finally arrived to mainstream. And competition among manufacturers is fierce. Everyone wants to acquire as much of the new market as soon as possible. In midst all that fight for customers HTC’s message to the competitors comes as a surprise.

Let’s work together

Instead of competing for customers manufacturers should rather work together. The company reached out to other strong players in the VR field. HTC urges them to support studios and simplify the message for consumers to ensure there’s a marketplace to actually. compete over.

“We are in the early days, and all of the VR players need to work together to make sure virtual reality happens,” says Rikard Steiber, president of Viveport and SVP of VR at HTV. “Rather than competing, we should make it easier for developers to create great content and monetise it. We need to help consumers navigate this field that might be initially confusing. But I do think, people with mobile phones are going to upgrade to some sort of virtual reality experience, I think it’s natural if you have a games console that you’ll upgrade to a more immersive experience, if you have a high-end PC then you’ll want to do this.”

HTC has very good experience in their collaboration with Steam, Steiber says:

“Steam is a great partner of ours. They have a strong affinity with the gaming community and the developers, and we actually think games are sorted for VR. They’re growing really fast and there’s lots of great content already. However, we think virtual reality will go beyond games, and that there will be room for education, creativity, cinematic VR, for brands, for social and so on. […] The thing that makes it so important is that by focusing on these additional verticals, like creativity and education, we will be dragging new audiences to VR. So we’ll get the teachers, we’ll get the creators, we’ll get the Hollywood fanatics, we’ll get the brands, which will increase the growth of the ecosystem. So we are a complement rather than competition.”

Vive is just the beginning

HTC’s own VR device, the Vive, has been very well received by players and experts alike. Still the company sees huge potential for improvement. By combining their efforts with other manufacturers they see a much brighter future for the industry in general.

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