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How would it be if you could stream new games on your Android phone completely free, even without in-app purchases? Well, you might soon be able to find out. The social game streaming platform Hatch is about to launch this year and make exactly that possible.

50 studios are on board

First news about Hatch came up in fall 2016. Meanwhile, the platform that is yet to launch has taken some first impressive steps. According to PocketGamer 50 game studios already signed up for Hatch already. Hatch Entertainment, which is a spin-off of Angry Birds creator Rovio, will enable players to instantly stream games, rather than having to download them.

Over 90 games to play for free

Due to the massive support of developers and publishers, Hatch can already ensure a selection of over 90 games to be available for free when the platform goes live. Among them, players will find e.g. the popular snowboarding title Alto’s Adventure, along with Dungeon Rushers, Mini Metro, and Evoland. Also, GameHouse’s titles like Delicious, Fabulous and Heart’s Medicine will also be a part of Hatch.

Financed through branded content and advertising

Having free access to all those games without any hidden traps seems to be too good to be true through, doesn’t it? So how does Hatch make money? Well, they obviously thought about it. Hatch is hoping for a steady revenue stream through “integrated, unobtrusive advertising and brand storytelling” which would support both the own platform as well as the developers providing the games. Apparently, a paid subscription option is also discussed. What additional features it will provide though has not been announced yet.

For early access to the platform, you can pre-register on Hatch already.

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