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A lot of revenue Google makes is due to the booming mobile gaming industry. Knowing this, it comes as no surprise that the company is interested in pushing Google Play games to more customers. And to do just that, Google announced a new tool that makes advertising games a whole lot easier for developers and publishers.

Better visibility for special offers

At this year’s Game Developers Conference had a couple of exciting news for the industry. Along with five new games available for pre-registration, Google also announced some new tools to help good mobile games get discovered more often. One of them makes games on sale as well as price changes more visible in Google Play. This feature is available for movies already for a while but so far did not apply for apps and games. According to Google, developers saw a sales increase of 3 to 20 times during piloting the tool.

Better discovery algorithm

Along with those changes, Google also tweaked the discovery algorithm of the Play Store. Now games are not only displayed and recommended based on the number of installs but also based on user engagement. Furthermore, Google talked about plans to curate more high-quality games as well as promoting them through editorial pages.

Better preview

But that is not all. Google has more up its sleeve. With another new feature, it wants to allow users to play a lightweight preview of each game before having to buy it. This way players can get a better idea of the gameplay and can more easily make a purchasing decision. Furthermore, AdMob is announcing they’re bringing Google’s video app install advertising demand from AdWords to AdMob.

Better video adds

Another feature is based on video advertising of a game. At the moment videos force users to turn their phones to watch in landscape mode. A new algorithm developed by Google now identifies the most important part of the video and translates it into portrait mode. An impressive demo of this feature can be seen in the video below.

With all those changes and improvements Google is certain to attract new customers to Android based mobile games. How well that strategy actually works will be seen once those features are actually launched and live for a while.

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