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It is no secret that the global app market is soaring. Now the analytics service App Annie released new data in its year-end report showing how impressive the growth on that market really is. 2016 was another extraordinary year for the industry.

App downloads grew 15% worldwide

With a plus of 13 billion downloads across both iOS and Google Play App Annie registered an increase of 15 percent worldwide. And that is not the only impressive number in the market report. Also, the time spent in apps grew more than 20 percent to nearly 900 billion hours in 2016. Also, changes in national markets are visible. E.g. in Google Play downloads India records a massive increase, surpassing the U.S. as the No. 1 country.

Maturity of the market defines its growth

In an interview with, App Annie director of marketing insights Amir Ghodrati explained how growth shows in different countries. “Maturity in mobile is definitely relative compared to other industries. But there still are trends you’ll see. When a country is younger in its mobile stages, its downloads will be growing quite quickly and those downloads will be much more heavily skewed toward gaming. And as the market matures, downloads will still continue to increase, just not as quickly.”

Revenues up by 40 percent

Of course, the increased downloads also had an influence on the revenues the industry is dealing with. App Annie reports that platform owners paid out nearly $89 billion in revenues to publishers from in-app ads and app store revenue. That number is a roaring 40 percent higher than in 2015. Taking into account that platform owners keep roughly 30 percent of the revenues made through apps to themselves, this gives an idea of the overall revenue made with apps. We are talking about roughly $127 billion in revenues overall.


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