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A recent survey carried out by the Scottish game analytics company deltaDNA has shown that developers are very uncertain about in-game advertisement. The general approach seems to be that less is more. But is that really true?

Developers fear loosing users

The main fear that most of the survey participants fear is to loose users. In fact over 36 percent are afraid that too many ads will decrease user engagement considerably. Another 29 percent think that it will have a negative effect on their users’ game enjoyment. In general it seems that developers don’t want to draw their players’ onto themselves and risk loosing them.

Many have not found the right strategy yet

Surprisingly so at the same time it seems that the majority of developers (52 %) are very uncertain about whether they are adopting the right ad strategy for their free-to-play mobile game. Only a small group of 3 percent seems to be sure they are doing it right. General believe among developers is that in-game advertisement is a necessary evil.

Chances of in-game advertisement

DeltaDNA CEO Mark Robinson encourages developers though to see in-game ads rather as an opportunity than a threat. After all less than one percent of all players in free-to-play games ever spend any money. Placing ads can help monetize the remaining 99 percent of players. Especially since recent studies have shown that there is in fact little relationship between ad frequency and retention.

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