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This year the legendary Chuck Norris turns 77. And for his birthday a very special present awaits him. The martial arts expert and movie star will get his very own mobile game. The game is called Nonstop Chuck Norris and has been developed by Flaregames.

Chuck Norris continues Flaregame’s Nonstop game series

It is not the first Nonstop game by Flaregames. Earlier the company launched Nonstop Knights. And if you have played it, you will have a good idea how the new release will be. After all, the game mechanics will be very similar to the knights’ version. Obviously, this one will be featuring Chuck Norris as the main protagonist, though.

You cannot control Chuck Norris

But if you think, you could control Chuck Norris now YOU ARE WRONG! Come on, how could anyone be able to control Chuck Norris? Seriously! No, you will have the honor of assisting Chuck, as he runs and fights through levels of bad guys. And while he is busy doing that, your task is to unleashing special moves and collect points. And on your way, you will – how else could it be – come across countless jokes and facts about the martial arts and movie star.

Finally available in April

Memes and jokes around the action star have been around for such a long time and even countless books with the best facts have been written. Which makes you wonder why it took so long for the first mobile game featuring him. Well, now it is finally happening. The game will arrive on iOS and Android in late April. It will be available for free, but you can expect some in-app purchases. And if you wonder, how Chuck got Flaregames to develop his game, see for yourself in the video below.

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