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App Annie, the industry’s most trusted mobile data firm just released its annual list of the top 52 revenue generating apps publishers. It takes into account all iOS and Google Play apps. And it seems like there has been a change on the top of the table. Tencent, which ranked fifth still a year ago.

Tencent surpassed Supercell

The Finnish company Supercell, which dominated the list for the last couple of years has now been surpassed. Still, Supercell ranks second due to its still tremendously successful Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The competition at the top of the list is less fierce than expected, though. After all, the former number one was acquired by the Chinese competitor Tencent last year.

Big changes in the top 10

A new number one is not the only big change within the top 10. Usually, that part of the table undergoes very little change. However, 2016 proved to be an exception. Not only did Tencent jump up four ranks. Also, NetEase improved its position from number 9 to 3. Furthermore, three new companies entered the top 10. Among them Niantic, the company that is responsible for the groundbreaking success of Pokemon Go! and had its first appearance in the list altogether.

Asian publishers on the rise

All in all this ranking is dominated by Asia-Pacific companies. Publishers from the region make up 30 out of the altogether 52 companies listed. The reason for this is clearly the rapid growth in some key markets, like China and Japan. Also, over 60% of mobile game spending in 2016 occurred in Asia-Pacific. Among the Asian listings are also the game industry giants Nintendo and Sony. And their mobile efforts show effect. And it is fairly certain that both of them will play a big role in driving the app market in 2017.

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