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2016 was indeed a good year for the mobile games industry. And during the last days of the year it even got a last extra push. Between Christmas and New Year the industry recorded close to $1 Billion gross revenues on mobile games.

Numbers are always high during the holidays

Wall Street Journal reported that users spent $967.6 million on mobile gaming apps for iOS and Android devices. It is not surprising that consumption during the holidays is higher than any other time of the year. “People are playing more and they’re spending more,” said COO Kent Wakeford of Kabam Inc. “We see a spike in all the key metrics for our games around the holidays.” Mobile devices are popular Christmas presents and therefore usually also increase the app purchases. Another important aspect is that most people are off work and have a lot of extra time on their hands to play games.

A new record

2016 was special, though. In comparison to the year before WSJ reported an increase of 53% in money spend. Never before were users willing to spend such an amount on mobile games.

Mobile becomes more and more important for game industry

Meanwhile mobile grew to be the largest sector of the roughly $100 billion video game industry. According to Newzoo games for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets generated $36.9 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016. In comparison to this computer games online amounted to $31.9 billion and console games to $30.8 billion within the same timespan. With recent developments in the industry, this lead is likely to grow bigger over the next years.


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