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Justin Bieber, Paris Hilton, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Wiz Khalifa all have something in common. They have recently been featured in a mobile game or app. The trend is catching on. More and more developers seek to integrate a well-known celebrity in their new products.

And as it appears many of those collaborations lead to success. The emoji app of NBA star Stephen Curry shot right to the top spot of the iTunes paid apps chart in less than a day after its release. Within minutes the app made millions in revenue. Kim Kardeshian’s Hollywood game even developed into a $200 million success. Much to the delight of Glu Mobile, which meanwhile also launched a number of other celebrity featured games and apps.

But what is it that makes celebrities and mobile games such a good match? Here are five reasons for every developer why to consider using the power of fame for their next release.

1 Utilization of an already existing fan base

Celebrities have a huge fan base. Katy Perry has over 90 million followers on Twitter, Justin Bieber almost 84 million. Getting hold of this massive amount of potential users and customers is a huge opportunity. Since their already existing fan base can be approached right away, user acquisition costs can be considerably decreased.

2 Marketing through a famous product ambassador

Once a celebrity is on board, they will have an own interest in the game or app they feature to be successful. That is both for financial and for reputation reasons. In any case, the celebrity will do his or her best to advertise the product whenever possible and suitable, through interviews, social media or other channels.

3 Achieving higher engagement and conversion of users

Fans love to interact with their idols and want to feel close to them. If an app gives them the chance to do that, there is a good chance for them to engage with it on a regular basis. Through a mobile app fans can feel much more connected to their idol then they ever could in real life. Featuring a celebrity can help boost the lifetime value of a user due to their dedication to their idol. They are likely to become long-term paying customers.

4 Starting off with a high reputation

People trust celebrities. And fans trust their idols. If they feature a game or app, their reputation almost automatically also covers the app or game. Developers skip the step of having their new release seen as an unproven and potentially low quality app. This saves them time and allows them to attract many new users much earlier and faster.

5 Revitalization of an already existing app or game

Even if a game or app has been on the market for a while already, bringing in a celebrity can do wonders. Through a new face on their product, developers can bring their aging app back to live and attract new users and customers. OMG! Fortune noted a significant increase in active users after bringing the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 into their game.


For a celebrity integration into a game or app to perform well it is essential though that it is a perfect match. Only if the celebrity resonates well with the game’s users and the celebrity fan base fits the target group of the game, an integration can truly be successful.

If you want to find out more about the topic and how to find the perfect celebrity match for any game or app, drop us a line or leave a comment below.

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Ansgar Frankenberg
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