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The year 2016 is almost over. And it was a successful one for the mobile game industry. Not only have mobiles games gained more attention among former non-gamers. They now even start becoming serious competition to the consoles. No wonder that game industry giants Nintendo and Sony start paying closer attention to the mobile field as well. But in such an exiting year the question remains what the best release of 2016 actually was. And that is what several game magazines are trying to find out.

Competitions for the best game

Obviously the nominees for best mobile game differ from magazine to magazine. But with some releases they all seem to be on the same page. And those are the ones we want to look at as well.

Clash Royale

The Finnish game studio Supercell always had quite a nose for a good mobile game. That did not change in 2016. They their release Clash Royale they landed another big success. The studio “finally cracked the code on how to make addictive, highly competitive realtime strategy work on mobile. It’s fun, it’s deep, it’s fair, and yet it always remains accessible. A home run.”, is what IGN has to say about the game.

Pokemon Go

That pick is surely not a surprise. With Pokemon Go Niantic shook up the industry and released the first truly successful AR game. And this is what the Red Bull game editorial says: “You can’t talk about the last year in mobile gaming without acknowledging Pokemon Go, the game, the phenomenon. By every conceivable yardstick, it’s the biggest smartphone game of all time, arguably even the biggest game full stop.”


Noumenon Games brought the 90s classic Snake back to life in a somewhat weird cross-over with elements of Tetris and Angry Birds. “It’s got bright colours, a goofy art style and, of course, a strange bird-snake hybrid creature. But underneath is an extremely intelligent and deeply challenging puzzle game.”, says Gamestar.

What is your favorite?

We are just as curious as our colleagues at Gamestar, IGN and Red Bull. So let us know what your favorite of the year is. Would you pick one of the above or rather pick something completely different? We can’t wait for your comments below.



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